What's Raspberry PE?

If you know Windows PE, it's pretty much the same except it's on a Raspberry Pi!


The main issue is with stability with USB controller drivers for the raspberry pi. You may experience a few issues with it especially with BSODs, once the drivers get better, there will be a better experience.


How is this Raspberry PE thingy useful?

It's useful for anyone who needs a prebuilt Windows PE thing for the Raspberry Pi for whatever project they need it for.


Andreiw for making the drivers and the UEFI bootloader for the Raspberry Pi.

Davindra for making le tutorials on how to install Windows 10 ARM on the Raspberry Pi

@neverreleased for making USB Drivers that work betterish than before.

@jooya0203 making it be able to boot off the MicroSD card :ok_hand: